Obligations of the users

  • Users warrant that their content, in particular reviews, self-presentations and inquiries, is consistent with the truth, permitted by law and unencumbered by third-party rights.
  • The following content in particular is not permitted: Pestering (stalking), threats, insults, and the assertion of incorrect facts; content that may be detrimental to the development or education of children or young adults or put them at risk; content that infringes third-party copyrights, trademark rights, competition rights or rights to privacy; content that is racist or xenophobic, glorifies violence or is seditious, pornographic, degrading or immoral; content that may affect the health of individuals; chain letters, bulk messages with or without advertiser content (spamming); links to sites with such content; sweepstakes, contests, lottery draws or similar promotions; publication of private data (such as e-mail addresses); commercial advertising or references praising other competitor services.
  • If users create content that is subject to certain labelling or information requirements (e.g. legal information on the content provider), users are required to appropriately fulfil the respective labelling and information duties.
  • The Service Provider has the right to remove non-relevant content, in particular content that does not relate to the specific thematic area of a Service (for example, political or religious topics in a range of games).
  • If users can directly contact and invite other users, this contact and invitation option may not be used for advertising purposes or to otherwise harass the contacted users (for example, through repeated requests for a reply even if no answer is forthcoming or a wish not to be contacted has been expressly stated). The Service Provider reserves the right to restrict the function both generally and in individual cases if users should feel harassed.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right not to release content or to reverse the release thereof if there is concrete evidence to suggest that the content is in breach of statutory regulations, official prohibitions, the rights of third parties or public morality. The Service Provider is not, however, obliged to verify the content in advance.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to restrict the number or function of affiliate and similar advertising links placed by users and to prohibit the use of such links altogether.


Responsibility for content and information

  • The Service Provider is neither responsible nor liable for user-generated content or for linked content on other websites.
  • The Service Provider wishes to point out that no claim is made regarding the accuracy, completeness, legal admissibility and absence of any rights of third parties of the content provided within the Service. Content is provided for fun and entertainment purposes only.
  • The user in question, and not the Service Provider, is responsible for user reviews, comments and ratings.
  • Users and other rights holders can complain to the Service Provider about content, stating the content and the criteria by which they have found fault with it, and apply for the correction or deletion of such content. The Service Provider may forward the complaint to the users responsible for the content in question and give them a reasonable period of time in which to comment. The publication of any content reported as inappropriate can be reversed until such time as it has been verified.



  • As the integrity and functionality of the network is essential for the Service Provider, sanctions will be imposed against a user if the Service Provider has concrete evidence to suggest that the user is acting in breach of statutory regulations, third-party rights, public morality and/or these TOS.
  • When choosing the sanction to be imposed, the Service Provider will take into account the legitimate interests of the user concerned and consider, inter alia, whether the case involves non-culpable misconduct or a culpable infringement. The following graduated sanctions are available to the Service Provider: a) the partial and complete deletion of the content of a user, b) the issue of a caution to a user, c) the restriction of the use of applications, d) the temporary blocking of a user, e) the permanent revocation/termination of the rights of a user, possibly linked to an exclusion order.


Provision of usage and representation rights by the user

  • You shall provide us free of charge and unlimited in terms of location, time and type of use with the non-exclusive right to copy, edit, modify, adapt, alter, edit, translate, make derivative works of, publicise, and process the legally protected content, information and data provided by you or in your name and to transfer these rights to third parties such as subcontractors or other users (e.g. in relation to embedding or modification of user generated content).
  • With regard to the geographic, material, temporal and personal scope, the above provision of rights is effected only insofar as it is required for our fulfilment of the contractual services as well as the presentation and information on the functions and ways our services are used (e.g. as examples) and subsequently expires automatically. Before initiating legal action, you shall notify us of any usage of the rights outside of this framework and give us an opportunity to stop using these rights or to limit their usage to the required extent.


Your Rights

  • You must not use our Service in any way that causes, or is likely to cause our Service or any access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way, or for fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offence or other unlawful activity, or to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or remove or edit content if you are in breach of applicable laws, these ToS or any other applicable terms and conditions, guidelines or policies.

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